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You can mint up to 3 x KVLT Zombies for 0.01 ETH each.
Please make sure you have sufficient funds for the transaction fee ("Gas").

The price will rise for 0.005 ETH every week.

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What are the Kvlt Zombies?

They don't want to stay dead. They have come out of their graves hungry for brains, their teeth rotten and their flesh full of maggots... But! Before they were dead, they were alive. And they lived their time, they loved and hated and had their tastes for what they were enthusiastic about. Who wouldn't? They had varied tastes, from rap music to Lovecraft novels, through Nouvelle Vague, the grunge wave, splatterpunk, science-fiction and... well: who can only like one thing? Kvlt Zombies is the great mix of popular culture that we all carry within us, a landmark of references and homages to what has accompanied us -and accompanies us- in our lives. Music, cinema, literature, sports, fads... Thanks to the random generation, all these references are mixed in the craziest way possible... and in zombie mode! Kvlt Zombies is a love letter to all those things that have helped us to make life more fun and entertaining... Even in death!

KVLT Zombies are part of the Metonymyverse!

Frequently Asked Questions

Each NFT is hand illustrated first, and algorithmically generated by combining
180+ unique traits using an AI tool that we have created. These make sure that nobody can know the exact
mixture until the reveal process.

How were the KVLT Zombies generated?


KVLT Zombies are a collaboration between METONYMY MACHINE GmbH and illustrator RIOT. We have combined the super powers of high quality illustrations with a generative process to make sure that all Zombies are unique and awesome!

What has this all to do with the Metonymyverse?


The Metonymyverse by Metonymy Machine is interconnecting various NFT projects with different artistic partners. The bigger picture is to create a world of multi-NFTs that will be attached to each other through brand, communities, utilities and aesthetic vision. One thing will evolve through time and will become more clearer for all members of the community: There is narrative storyline connecting all projects of the Metonymyverse.

On which blockchain are we minting?


The KVLT Zombies are minting on ETH Mainnet.

Can I mint on mobile?


Yes, you can. Just select your prefered wallet. Also if you use Metamask you can also enter the website using the Metamask native browser and mint within the app.

When are you dropping and what is the price?!


KVLT ZOMBIES have launched. Mad Scientist holders were able to mint 15 till November 9th. Now the general public (3 x per wallet) can mint KVLT Zombies for free + Gas until November 13th, 12pm PST. After that the price will be 0.01 ETH and will rise every week for 0.005ETH.

What if I already own a Mad Scientist?! 


First that means, you are ahead of the game and you are YGMI. 😂 But this also means that you will be qualified to mint up to 15 x KVLT Zombies for the first 7 days. Mad Scientist holders will also have a 24 hour prior window to mint KVLT Zombies to ensure that they are not sold out through the public sale. However after the first 24 hours it is possible that the KVLT Zombies could be sold out through the public minting.

How many are there and when is the reveal and where the KVLT Zombies hosted?


Instant reveal. No waiting. You will see what you get right after your mint. If you like it, you can mint one more.
The KVLT Zombies will be pinned to IPFS once we are sold out.
There will be a maximum of 5.555 KVLT Zombies ever alive on the ETH mainnet.

Who is behind this project and what is the roadmap?


The KVLT Zombies were designed by RIOT. They are being offered to mint by METONYMY MACHINE GmbH, a Berlin based NFT native startup founded by Cem Tekin & Fritz Gnad. Asking about the roadmap: Metonymy Machine is creating the Metonymyverse to bring multiple artistic partners and collectible projects to a unique community where all projects are connected in a way.  But foremost our drops are NFTs, they are digital art and digital assets. Please be reminded that these assets may grow in value but also could go to zero!

I have other question. How can I contact you?


Join our Discord. Or send us an email. We are a Berlin based creative team and NFT native startup with a real e-mail address, crazy right?! You can reach us at:
kvltzzombies (at) METONYMY-MACHINE.COM